Let’s solve this case as a Team

On line Investigations

In this period of lockdown, Drop Dead Soiree offers you online investigations with professional actors!

Teams (up to 10) can be in different places. Team members of a same team can be in different places. Cheers to the power of videoconferencing!
Time to investigate with family members, friends and colleagues or even strangers!

100,000 French can’t be wrong! – The Crime Scene Investigation game arriving straight from Paris – Will you solve the case?


About Drop Dead Soirée

Drop Dead Soiree offers to liven up your team building or other professional event with a made in France, interactive, Crime Scene Investigation game.
We bring the game to you within Los Angeles County and Orange County, wherever you want it to take place, be it a restaurant, your office or another venue. Let us know what is better for you, in the day time or in the evening, during a meal or not, inside or outside? It’s your event, tailor-made for you!

Team work, communication, time management, leadership skills, incentive… and lasting memories!
Drop Dead Soiree encourages teams to bond and work together while training their deductive skills and insigh: Study the crime scene, interview the witness, question the suspects use forensic science to analyze the clues…

It’s about making decisions, but you may not have all the relevant information… Conflict management, anyone?


About us

Murder Mystery parties historically come from Great Britain. Very much like in an Arthur Conan Doyle or Agatha Christie novel, the guests, more specifically from the upper middle class, entertained themselves by playing a role in a fictional investigation.

The game we offer has been derived from these original role plays, but with a Crime Scene Investigation flavor added to it! Have you ever wanted to compare crime scene fingerprints, review a forensic report, read clues while determining if a suspect has been truthful or lying the whole time?

When Pascal Martin, both an engineer and a play writer, created Mortelle Soirée (French parent to Drop Dead Soiree) some 10 years ago in France, he wanted to offer a more modern, lighter game that could work for companies and friends gatherings alike.

During a Drop Dead Soiree event, participants are investigators and work in teams. They focus their attention on the clues and the discussions with the characters, who are played by professional actors. Cases are set in the present time, in a French town.

Actor and translator Cecile Namer brought Mortelle Soiree to Paris some years after Pascal Martin founded the game. When she moved to Los Angeles, both really wanted to bring the fun to California!

Our Drop Dead Soiree events are in English but they maintain a French vibe! The cases take place in France and the witness, suspects and police captain are played by French actors (but they’ll answer you in English!)

And if you want to push the French vibe a little further, what about a French wine and cheese tasting or a Champagne tasting paired to your event? Or maybe some croissants or chouquettes could help you see better through the case? We’d be happy to discuss any option you may be interested in.

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