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How it all started

Hi everyone! Bienvenue! Welcome to Drop Dead Soirée, le blog!

Many of you ask me how come, since when, how many… so a blog seemed like the right way to answer it all. Plus it’s a great story!

Ok, so it all started in Toulouse, South West of France, where I met Pascal Martin, the fab founder of this then-new innovative investigation game he had created, Mortelle Soirée. Pascal worked both as an engineer and a writer/screenwriter/ playwright. (We actually met on set, he had written a pilot for a TV show, set on a barge traveling on the Canal du Midi, complete with investigations and mysteries of course… pretty cool!). He had imagined a game that would be great for both a teambuilding activity and a private party. He’d mixed team work and deadlines with CSI cases and fun, and it worked so well!

He was now ready to expand. He was thinking Paris.

Well, that was good luck, as I was actually moving to the capital! Soon after, I launched Mortelle Soirée Paris. Can you imagine? Solving CSI mysteries in the City of Lights, in modern restaurants with view on the Cité de la Mode and Design, or in some centuries-old castles in Normandy? Even on a cruise on the Mediterranean Sea! Corporate events, weddings, birthday parties… Meeting awesome people and offering them a great time, wandering around flea markets for props. What else?

That’s when life offered me to move to Los Angeles! So I left Mortelle Soirée Paris in Pascal’s capable hands, and packed. And if ever you’re in Paris, (or near Toulouse, or Lyon… ) you should check on their schedule! (Just saying…  www.mortellesoiree.com)

Truth is, that was a bittersweet moment. I was so excited to get the opportunity to live in California, and at the same time, I didn’t want to leave what I had built during 3 amazing years. So I cherished the idea that one day, I could start it all over again in LA.

I would need a new name though…

Here we are!

  • Same fantastic scenarios (Did I mention 40 of them?) , except they’re offered in English now 🙂
  • A hint of French touch… cause I can’t help it 🙂
  • Witnesses and suspects to question, forensic reports to study, a crime scene to scour,

WELCOME TO DROP DEAD SOIREE! A Crime Scene Investigation game with a French vibe!

And that’s a wrap! First post!

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