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When life gives you lemons, make lemonade… or ONLINE investigations

Like so many other companies, Drop Dead Soiree and its French headquarters (www.mortellesoiree.com) saw their activities come to a halt with the lockdown. To play a Drop Dead Soiree investigation, participants have to be together to investigate. And of course, it was impossible to do that anymore.

But then, we knew that our investigations would be a welcome activity when we all have to stay inside.

And we also knew people missed their family and friends, their afterwork Happy Hour.

Employees have been working alone for weeks now, wouldn’t it be great for them to do an activity with their colleagues, while staying safely at home?

And after all, wasn’t it the time for us, entertainers, to fulfill our very mission: entertain?

But how could we make all this happen?

Well, a Drop Dead Soiree investigation is divided into different phases. At the beginning of the game, the captain speaks to the whole group, and then each team works privately at a table. The witness walks from table to table to answer the teams’ questions. At the end, after the Captain receives their conclusion from the teams, s/he gives the resolution to the whole group.

So Pascal Martin, the founder of the concept, adapted the scenarios to do exactly that, but via Zoom. Elementary, my dear Watson!

At the beginning of the game, the participants are gathered in the Main Room, all together. Then, the Captain sends them to a Private room that is specific to a team. Each team can see and talk privately with the members of their own team. The Captain and the witness can go from one Private Room to the other and answer the teams’ questions.

Add to that a website that is specific to the case, where participants can find a lot of information in between discussions with the witness and captain (pictures of the crime scene, autopsy, statements… )and a system of questionnaire for teams to give their conclusions, and you have an online Drop Dead Soiree!

The brilliant part of it is that members of a same team can be in different locations, different states, different continents even!

Time to reunite family, friends, colleagues and spend some great time together, create great memories, while staying safe at home.

We offer public events, next one is coming up, come join us! https://www.dropdeadsoiree.com/on-line-investigation/

but we can also plan your private events, for your online teambuilding event, birthday party…

Time to investigate again!

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