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Our strength: adaptability

We have the right Drop Dead Soiree for you.

For an original professional event:

Investigate a case as a team, listen to your team members, assert your idea, share your instincts, let every teammate express their view, prepare your questions to the witness and suspects, analyze information…

Sending someone to jail is not a decision to take lightly. However, your team will have to decide of a collective answer to give to the police captain in the end! Even if you’re not 100 percent certain of your choice… The clock is ticking…

Our investigations are framed around:

  • The Police Captain coordinating the different phases of the investigation
  • The witness who has seen and heard many things
  • The suspects, who all have a motive to kill the victim
  • Forensic reports to figure out how things happened

The witness and suspects are usually played by professional actors, but they can also be played by participants at the event. In this latter case, the performers will receive a detailed document that they will have to study thoroughly to play their part.

To make things more challenging, if the witness is always innocent, the suspects all have a good motive, and they may lie by omission. As for the murderer, he/she can lie, and not only by omission… Elementaire, mon cher Watson? Mmmmh, maybe not …

And when the case is closed, discussion goes on with the other teams to know what different strategies they implemented, maybe while enjoying mouth-watering French pastries or Bordeaux wine?

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