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On Line investigation

In this period of lockdown, it’s impossible to meet to solve a good old Murder Mystery a la Drop Dead Soiree.
But technology is here to help those who are passionate about police investigations!

The Principle

The Captain and the witness are available via Zoom to answer your questions.

Connect to Zoom for free and install the Zoom app on your computer, tablet or phone. Give it a try before the investigation to make sure everything is working.
Then, register via the link at the bottom of this page to receive the identifier of the meeting during which you would like to investigate.

If you want to investigate with several people, it’s possible and we even encourage you to! If you are all in the same place, register only once.

Security in Zoom has been questioned recently. Regarding our online investigations, the risk of intrusion by uninvited people is low, given the nature of our activity. The stakes in hacking a recreational event where participants work on a fictional investigation seem quite low. 
Even if a hacker managed to discover the name of the murderer in one of our scenarios, that wouldn’t be too beneficial for them.
Our meetings are password-protected. The waiting room is activated so we can  welcome each participant individually and check who they are. We do not request nor collect any personal information.
Zoom is the only tool on the market that we know of that offers the “Break out Rooms” functionality, which are essential for us to carry out our online investigations.

If you are in different places, make as many registrations as there are places, with different email addresses.
For example, you are in Los Angeles, CA, Peter is in San Francisco, CA, Marie is in Denver, CO and John and Olga are in Miami, FL.
You register, Peter registers, Marie registers, John and Olga register together only once.

Let’s say your team name is “The Scattered Experts”. For each registration, each one indicates this team name in the form. During the investigation, you will be together in the same team.

Click here to view the diagram explaining the creation of a team.

The BRIC (Criminal Investigation Brigade) website

You will also have access to information about the case on the BRIC website, for example the autopsy report, pictures of the crime scene, statements, results of analyzes and searches …

Interacting with the characters

You will interact via Zoom, the video conferencing platform. We advise you to learn how to use this tool before the investigation, as we won’t be able to provide support on how to install and handle it.

Both characters will answer privately all of your team’s questions.

The characters who can answer your questions

The Captain

She is here to help you progress in the investigation. She can give you the results of searches that may help you solve the case. It’s up to you to ask her what you need.
She is also the intermediary between you and the forensics lab. She can answer questions on toxicology, fingerprints, DNA, phones, computers, ballistics, traces, fibers …

The witness

She was at the crime scene. Depending on the investigations, her job is different: she can be a receptionist, journalist, security guard, bartender …
This character has seen and heard several things and she knows the personal and professional life of the victim. She also has information about the suspects, as well as the chronology of the events.

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