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Nasty business at the castle - On line


Theme: History

Period: Contemporary

Genre: Crime

Mode of investigation: On line

Crime scene: Lounge of a castle

Length: 2h to 3h

French version : Sale histoire au château - En ligne

Objectives: Team building, Incentive

The castle is buzzing. Everyone is adding the finishing touches to the exhibition dedicated to the explorer Paul-Henry Monfray.
The former home of the adventurer will be the setting for this international exhibition presenting his possessions. These rare artefacts from all over the world will be brought together for the first time and presented to the public.
Amidst the ongoing preparations, the body of Paul Jones, a local businessman in civil engineering, is found in the living room of the castle.

The 2 characters




Police Captain

Next dates

06 June 2020 - Video Conference LA

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